Adventurous Souls

I realized I needed a place for those shoots that aren't family sessions or weddings, but that make my heart feel all the things. Here they are.

Sisters / Beaver, Utah Photographer

Their brothers wanted to get their pictures over and done as soon as possible at this family session, but these two sisters were excited to spend a little more time on their pictures. I love when people are excited about pictures!

Christmas with Everyday Eden Boutique

Nothing like a Christmas photoshoot in early November to get me excited for the upcoming holidays! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bethany Allen is a photographer based in Cedar City, Utah.

Fall with Everyday Eden Boutique

I cannot say enough how much I love the clothes at Everyday Eden--the ones I photograph and the ones I own.  They are cute and flattering and comfortable, too.  Plus, a lot of

Shout out to all you adventurous souls

Here's to all those who have climbed mountains, braved the cold, taken deep breaths with your eyes closed, kept on going even after the wedding was done and the bride and groom were