Large family spread out on the bridge in Cedar canyon

Fall Family Pictures / Cedar City, Utah Photographer

Growing up in the mountains of Wyoming I remember being confused as a kid about the seasons.  Books, calendars and everything clearly stated that each season lasted 3 months.  "How could they get it so wrong?" I thought.  While summer was 3 months long, spring and fall clearly only lasted a couple of weeks each.  Winter, on the other hand, seemed to fill the remaining 8 months out of the year. (Although snow was always a possibility in any season, even summer occasionally.)  Even as an adult, living the places I lived I still thought of spring and fall as relatively short seasons.  Then I moved to Cedar City.  That first spring stretched out and filled months of time instead of weeks.  I remember soaking in that spring time sun in my backyard for the first time and being amazed how long spring had lasted.  Then came fall and the same thing happened.  I've lived here several years now, and the long lasting seasons are one of my favorite things.  

Boy in green shirt sitting on a rock and looking to the right-Bethany Allen Photography
Boy in red shirt looks at camera and smiles-Bethany Allen Photography
Toddler boy in red shirt laughing-Cedar City Photographer-Bethany Allen
Mom and dad standing in front of yellow fall leaves and laughing-Bethany Allen Photography
Close-up of Mom and Dad look at each other smiling-Family Photographer, Bethany Allen
Mom and dad kissing in front of the Cedar City fall leaves-Bethany Allen Photography
Family playing together in Cedar canyon-Bethany Allen Photography
Woman leaning on the railing of the Cedar canyon bridge-Bethany Allen Photography
Large family walking across a bridge in Cedar City, Utah-Bethany Allen, family photographer
Family spread out across the Cedar canyon bridge-Bethany Allen, Utah family photographer
Family of 11 standing on a bridge and smiling with fall leaves in the background-Bethany Allen Photography

Bethany Allen is a family photographer in Cedar City, Utah.  She loves the adventures of summer, the leaves of fall, the snow of winter, and the buds of spring.  Each season brings it's own life to sessions, and Bethany photographs families year-round. Click here to contact Bethany.

Bethany Allen

Cedar City, Utah
Here for the big moments. Loving the small ones.