Duck Creek, Utah Wedding / Bethany Allen Photography

Duck Creek, Utah Wedding / Bethany Allen Photography

The mountains are my place.  My home.  They are where I find my center, where I remember to breathe.  The wind in the trees.  The smell of nature.  A summer storm rolling in.  I love it all.

That said, the storms that threatened us this day were not very welcome.  About a half hour before the ceremony there was a downpour.  So. Much. Rain.  Which turned to hail.  And back to rain.  It poured hard, but luckily the rain stopped, people hurriedly dried off all the chairs, and the weather behaved itself the rest of the day.

Nick and Bobbie

Getting Ready

The Ceremony

The Bridal Party

The Reception

Bethany Allen is a wedding photographer that captures the big moments of a wedding, but also loves focusing on the in-between moments and little details.

Bethany Allen

Cedar City, Utah
Here for the big moments. Loving the small ones.