Celebrating 10 years of marriage!

Celebrating 10 years of marriage!

Disclaimer:  Last year for our anniversary we shopped for bath towels and sprinklers with a toddler in tow.  Just wanted to add some perspective of what our anniversary is usually like :)

My husband and I actually went on a vacation!  And here's the really big part-without our kids.  For a week!  I know, I could hardly believe it was really happening until we were actually sitting on the plane headed to San Francisco.  

This is the look of worn-out parents realizing that they really are getting away for an entire week without the kids. Maybe we look a little too happy?

We were especially excited for this trip because we hit 10 years of marriage this summer.  We have been telling ourselves for the last few years that we would do a trip for our tenth anniversary, but at the beginning of this year I prepared myself to not be disappointed when it didn't happen.  Things fell into place though, and we were able to do a trip after all.  Most importantly my mom, my sister, and my in-laws were willing to step up and take care of our three energetic kiddos.  Without them, our trip never would have happened.  

Bethany Allen

Cedar City, Utah
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