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Nine years ago I remember sitting in a car with four other girls. We didn't really know each other, so we were talking and asking each other questions. We had all been recently married, and after quizzing each other realized I had been married the shortest amount of time (only a month!), and the girl who had been married the longest had been married a whopping five months! We were all amazed and starry-eyed at the thought of having been married that long.

But in no time at all, it's been nine years. Nine. Whole. Years.


Going to this workshop reminded me of this moment because as we went around the room doing introductions quite a few people mentioned how many months they had been married. Months. You stop thinking in months after you've had something for a while, but I did the math just now. I've been married 111 months. 111 months.

I like the sound of that.
Shout out to all the amazing people who worked to put this workshop together and to all the photographers who came, no matter how many months you've been married!
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Workshop put on by @adamblackphoto and @maree_photos
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Bethany Allen loves photographing love, as a wedding photographer when a couple is just starting to count their months of marriage and as a family photographer whether the couple has 36 months together, 111 months together, or 459 months together. Bethany is a Cedar City photographer and Saint George photographer.

Bethany Allen

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