Welcoming Baby/Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

As much as I love in-home photography sessions, many people don't feel this is an option for them.  With a new baby and a young toddler, going outside for pictures with this family in Cedar City in March wasn't an option either.  We didn't let these obstacles stop us though, and the mom reached out to a friend who let us borrow her house for the morning.  Talk about a friend!  This was a great solution, and everyone was able to settle in and be comfortable and warm.  Mom and Dad were so sweet with each of their sons and definitely had the tag team approach perfected!  Towards the very end of the session, I mentioned how much I loved Mom's wedding ring (I'd already included it in a few pictures) and was told the ring was borrowed from her friend as well.  I think her friend wins the best friend of the year award!