Extended Family Vacation in Southern Utah

When I started doing photography, I never expected how many people coming to Utah on vacation would contact me for family pictures.  I love this for a couple of reasons.  First, what a great way to have memories from your vacation!  Of course phone pictures are great, but how neat is it to take documenting your vacation one step further-these are pictures that will hang in your home, become a photo book, and more and at the same time remind you of fun family vacation.  My second reason for loving this is a little selfish.  Sometimes I get travel envy-don't we all?  These sessions are always a great reminder though that I live in an area that is a travel destination in and of itself.  I'm used to the red rocks, and I'm definitely guilty of taking the beauty of Utah for granted.  These sessions are a good reminder that I have all sorts of adventure opportunities here in my backyard.