18 Month Mini Session/Cedar City Family Photographer

I always tell my children that they can't grow any older.  They LOVE it when I say that.  My two older children usually have some retort about how they can't control it and they have to have their birthdays.  We laugh about it together.  But we all agree, even my kids, that our "baby" who is 18 months old definitely needs to stop growing up.  18 months is old enough.  It is such a fun age.  They still have that baby cuteness, but they are getting more independent.  They are much bigger than they used to be, but they still fit in your arms.  They giggle at so much.  They are starting to talk.  I love this age.  I've watched this little guy grow up over the past year and a half.  He's a little more wary of me and my camera than he used to be, but he is just the cutest thing and still gave me plenty of smiles.